At Liberty, we are interested in helping you take the next step in your journey! Liberty's Next Step is designed to help you connect and grow in your faith. Before we talk about the next step let's start with the first step! We would love to invite you to worship with us for a Sunday at Liberty! The Liberty Experience takes place every Sunday at 11am at 1218 Wallace St. Philadelphia, PA 19123. Join us this weekend!



Once you have attended a weekend at Liberty, your next step is to simply come back the next week! You will receive via email an invitation to "Next Step - Liberty 1." Liberty 1 is a short 15 minute session immediately following a Sunday experience. You will get an opportunity to meet Pastor Justin and First Lady Tiphanii. You will hear about the vision, mission and culture of Liberty Church. Join us for the next Liberty 1 session and take the Next Step today!


Once you begin attending Liberty Sunday experiences and attend Liberty 1, you will receive an invitation via email, to attend "The Next Step - Liberty 2." At Liberty 2 you will hear more about Liberty Life groups and hear about more ways to connect at Liberty!


Don't stop after Liberty 2, get ready to take the next step today! "Next step - Liberty 3," will introduce you to the Liberty Lineup. At Liberty, we believe in loving God and loving people. We believe that actions speak louder than words. So we put action behind our words. The Liberty Lineup, volunteers in many ways to help others in our community! So check out Liberty 3 for more information!


Liberty 1

Liberty 2

Liberty 3

At Liberty, we believe that Baptism is a vital next step in your journey of faith. Baptism gives you an opportunity to go public with your faith and most importantly it gives you the opportunity to have your sins washed away! At Liberty, we are willing to baptize people anytime they feel they are ready, but we also provide special baptism Sunday's for people that would like to invite their family and be baptized with on the same day as other believers. Baptism Sunday's are a day of celebration at Liberty! It gives you the opportunity to experience liberty for yourself!

For more information or to sign up for baptism simply fill out the form below!